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The Sedona is the original Lancaster Sofa Shown in Restoration Hardware.



Leather Type: 100% Italian Top Grain Leather, Front, Sides & Back
Color Shown: Brompton Cocoa
Manufacturer: Ferraro
Country of Origin: North America
Warranty: Lifetime Frame, 3 year Leather, 5 years seating
Seating System: Sinuous
Frame: Lifetime Frame, 3 Years Leather, 5 Years Seating

The Sedona is the original Lancaster Sofa Shown in Restoration Hardware. The Sedona collection is in a class of its own. This set is the best of the best. A solid hardwood frame – 100% Italian leather make this set one for the ages. The extra deep seating and glove soft leather will give you comfort for years to come. This set will continue to improve over the years like a fine wine. Similar sets are sold in stores for over $12,000. Don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime.
If this set looks VERY familiar to a collection seen in your favorite retailer, that’s because it is the original design that they sold for years. Recently, they switched factories and had to alter the measurements just a bit due to the switch. This is the original… and still the best.
This leather furniture collection is handmade and stitched, a true example of old world craftsmanship. Each collection is built by a team of artisans who average more than ten years experience in building world class furniture. Each team is led by a master artisan who has an average of 30 years experience.
This set is truly timeless and will be the feature and focal point of your living room for generations to come. If you want to experience true luxury with leather, the Sedona Collection is for you.

Floor to Seat Height: 19
Interior Seat Depth: 31
Arm Height: 25
Seat Cushions: Down Blend; Removable
Back Cushions: Removable

Additional information

Dimensions N/A
NS Colors

(AN) Brooklyn Biscuit (Grade D), (AN) Brooklyn Creme Brulee (Grade D), (AN) Brooklyn High Plains (Grade D), (AN) Brooklyn Molasses (Grade D), (AN) Brooklyn Pacific (Grade D), (AN) Brooklyn Shiraz (Grade D), (AN) Metallic Champagne (Grade D), (AN) Metallic Dusk (Grade D), (AN) Metallic French Beige (Grade D), (AN) Metallic Pewter (Grade D), (AN) Metallic Smoke (Grade D), (CL) Antiquity Ember (Grade D), (CL) Boston Proper Belgian (Grade C), (CL) Caprone Pomegranate (Grade C), (CL) Caprone Raven (Grade C), (CL) Caprone Red Cherries (Grade C), (CL) Caprone Saddle (Grade C), (CL) Caprone Sapphire Blue (Grade C), (CL) Caprone Vanilla (Grade C), (CL) Galveston Burnish (Grade C), (CL) Galveston Flax (Grade C), (CL) Galveston Light Brown (Grade C), (CL) Galveston Peat (Grade C), (CL) Galveston Sandalwood (Grade C), (CL) Galveston Spanish Soul (Grade C), (CL) Groundworx Acorn (Grade A), (CL) Groundworx Apple (Grade A), (CL) Groundworx Beach (Grade A), (CL) Groundworx Brown (Grade A), (CL) Groundworx Coffee (Grade A), (CL) Groundworx Merlot (Grade A), (CL) Groundworx Miami (Grade A), (CL) Groundworx Night (Grade A), (CL) Groundworx Sea (Grade A), (CL) Groundworx Teal (Grade A), (CL) Groundworx Winter (Grade A), (CL) Inclination Cognac Spirits (Grade B), (CL) Inclination Fiery Brew (Grade B), (CL) Inclination Shadow Coal (Grade B), (CL) Inclination Tarzan (Grade B), (CL) Kensington Ash (Grade F), (CL) Kensington Henna (Grade F), (CL) Kensington Pub Bench (Grade F), (CL) Prima Charcoal (Grade D), (CL) Prima Sable (Grade D), (CL) Prima Tee Pee (Grade D), (CL) Revelation Barn Red (Grade C), (CL) Revelation Cider (Grade C), (CL) Revelation Fudgesicle (Grade C), (CL) Revelation Gold Leaf (Grade C), (CL) Revelation Heather (Grade C), (CL) Revelation Khaki (Grade C), (CL) Revelation Malt (Grade C), (CL) Revelation Midnight (Grade C), (CL) Revelation Red Velvet (Grade C), (CL) Revelation Sea Salt (Grade C), (CL) Revelation Shale (Grade C), (CL) Revelation Steel (Grade C), (CL) Revelation Tigers Eye (Grade C), (CR) Matera Brownstone (Grade D), (CR) Matera Chocolate (Grade D), (CR) Matera Deep Red (Grade D), (CR) Matera Tobacco (Grade D), (CR) Saloon Blush (Grade C), (CR) Saloon Chocolate (Grade C), (CR) Saloon Dark Brown (Grade C), (CR) Saloon Dove Grey (Grade C), (CR) Saloon Grey (Grade C), (CR) Saloon Ice (Grade C), (CR) Saloon Mushroom (Grade C), (CR) Saloon Rum (Grade C), (CR) Saloon Whiskey (Grade C), (GM) Adobe Dust (Grade F) 8 12 Week Shipping, (GM) Antique Autumn (Grade F), (GM) Antique Heritage (Grade F), (GM) Antique Roan (Grade F), (GM) Antique Saddle (Grade F), (GM) Aspen Chestnut (Grade F), (GM) Aspen Vintage (Grade F), (GM) Broadway Cream (Grade F), (GM) Broadway Desert (Grade F), (GM) Broadway Fudge (Grade F), (GM) Broadway Pewter (Grade F), (GM) Broadway Raven (Grade F), (GM) Broadway Red (Grade F), (GM) Cabin Autumn (Grade F), (GM) Cabin Mahogany (Grade F), (GM) Cabin Oak (Grade F), (GM) Estate Library (Grade F), (GM) Estate Merlot (Grade F), (GM) Estate Truffle (Grade F), (GM) Explorer Cocoa (Grade F), (GM) Flagstaff Terra (Grade F), (GM) Florence Beige (Grade F), (GM) Florence Cordovan (Grade F), (GM) Florence Wine (Grade F), (GM) Hand Rubbed Amaretto (Grade F), (GM) Hand Rubbed Mustang (Grade F), (GM) Highlight Cognac (Grade F), (GM) Rendezvous Saddle (Grade F), (GM) Sevilla Cayenne (Grade F), (GM) Sevilla Chocolate (Grade F), (GM) Sevilla Navy (Grade F), (GM) Western Olive (Grade F), (MG) Berkshire Pewter (Grade E), (MG) Berkshire Zinc (Grade E), (MG) Burnham Slate (Grade D), (MG) Capetown Cherry (Grade D), (MG) Capetown Chestnut (Grade D), (MG) Deer Run Arctic (Grade D), (MG) Deer Run Bitter Chocolate (Grade D), (MG) Deer Run Black (Grade D), (MG) Deer Run Buff (Grade D), (MG) Deer Run Cranberry (Grade D), (MG) Deer Run Fireball (Grade D), (MG) Deer Run Godiva (Grade D), (MG) Deer Run Ivory (Grade D), (MG) Deer Run Merlot (Grade D), (MG) Deer Run Pearl (Grade D), (MG) Deer Run Sapphire (Grade D), (MG) Echo Charcoal Gray (Grade E), (MG) Echo Limestone (Grade E), (MG) Everest Siberian (Grade E), (MG) Mont Blanc Wolf (Grade E), (MG) Monte Cristo Carbon (Grade C), (MG) Monte Cristo Peacock (Grade C), (MG) Monte Cristo Scarlet (Grade C), (MG) Monte Cristo Whiskey (Grade C), (MG) Notting Hill Putty (Grade E), (MG) Pure Glass (Grade F), (MG) Pure Shadow (Grade F), (MG) Southwick Putty (Grade E), aa, Brompton Black and Blue, Brompton Coco, brompton Matte, Brompton Vintage, Brompton Wolf Grade E, Brooklyn Alga Grade D, Brooklyn Chino Grade D, Brooklyn Sir Edmond Grade D, Caprone Charcoal, Caprone Grey Dawn, CL Galveston Ffirebrand Grade C, Galveston Cowboy, Metallic Copper Grade D